April 29, 2019


" I highly recommend the wholesale house. It is a family owned business and the service is excellent. The prices are fair and the quality stellar."
October 13, 2017

"Renovation is a very scary process. It's hard to find people and business you can trust. We had a very hard time finding someone who understood our specific needs. When we finally connected with Gail at the Wholesale House we were immediately relieved. She helped us find the perfect flooring for the best possible price and connected us to an amazing installer. The Customer care we experienced was real care, every strep of the way. I would highly recommend The Wholesale House to everyone, especially those who don't have a good start place with their renovation."
October 13, 2017

"In the past 15 years we have moved three times and for each home we have purchased engineered wood flooring through the Wholesale House and loved the finished results. The Wholesale House always has the best pricing and Gail and Heidi are extremely helpful. I wouldn't waste my time shopping anywhere else."
October 13, 2017

"As a designer and project manager I have used the Wholesale House as my main flooring distributor for over 10 years. They have an extensive product line of wood flooring and carpeting. If I want the latest trends I know they will have it or can access it, and at prices you can't beat. I get to deal with the Gail or Steve who are so friendly and knowledgeable, it makes my job much easier. They are quick to respond to my sometimes crazy timelines, and will store the products if I can't receive them on time. My moto is "shop local when ever possible" and this store is THE place to go when you want quality flooring at a great price!"