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Hottest Flooring Trends in 2022

December 1, 2022 12:00 am Published by Leave your thoughts

It can be tough to know where to start when you’re wondering what flooring material is popular and what flooring options are affordable. If you’re renovating your home, we’ve got a list of the most popular flooring options below. Natural Floors In 2022, many homeowners enjoy a simple, natural look in their flooring. With raw and realistic flooring like hardwood, oak, and timeless oak, you can give your home a natural, grounding flooring that looks expensive. What’s more, natural floors can match any style of decor. As a result, your natural floors will never go out of style and will... View Article

What Is Causing Price Increases on Flooring Materials?

August 4, 2021 1:54 am Published by Leave your thoughts

From groceries to clothes, you may have noticed that all sorts of products have gotten more expensive over the past year. That trend is especially apparent in the flooring industry. Since last year, the prices of hardwood, laminate, vinyl tile and carpet products have all increased anywhere from 4 to 8 percent. But what’s behind the price increases on flooring materials? The answer is a lot of things all coming together at once. Continue reading to learn why you can expect to pay more for your floors this year. Raw materials The first factor that’s causing a price increase is... View Article

Great Flooring Options for Dog Owners

May 11, 2021 5:05 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Are you a Santa Cruz, CA homeowner wondering how to choose the best flooring for your dogs? You’ll want to take several considerations into account. For example, it’s usually best that dog owners invest in flooring that is easy to clean and maintain. You’ll also want to choose flooring that’s comfortable on your dog’s paws. There are plenty of excellent flooring options that work well for dog owners, including vinyl, tile, bamboo and more. When properly maintained, even hardwood flooring is an excellent option. Read on for more information about several great flooring options for those with dogs in their... View Article

What Are the Top Flooring Trends of 2021?

February 9, 2021 8:43 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

The past year saw a huge surge in the popularity of home improvement projects. With so many people stuck at home due to the coronavirus pandemic, it’s no wonder it felt like a good opportunity for them to commit time and money toward making their homes more beautiful. If you’re ready to take on a quarantine project of your own, nothing makes a bigger impact than redoing your floors. If you’ve been wanting to refresh your chipped tiles, peeling laminate or worn-out hardwood, here are the flooring trends of 2021 that will give your Santa Cruz, CA home new life.... View Article

How to Protect Your Floor While Moving Furniture

January 13, 2021 6:34 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Torn and scratched flooring sets a bad tone for your new Santa Cruz, CA home. When you plan for the big move, an important part of the process is figuring out how you will protect the flooring. Consider the following methods for hardwood floor and carpet protection so you can start this next chapter of your life on the right foot. Move furniture on dollies and sliders As a general rule, you should avoid dragging heavy furniture across carpet and hard floors. Friction will tear the carpet fibers and leave scratches in the wood. But when you’re tired at the... View Article