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Why Is the Wear Layer on Wood Flooring So Important?

August 18, 2021 1:54 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Anyone in the market for new floors should definitely consider either solid hardwood or engineered hardwood flooring. While both options are a bit more expensive, they’re much longer lasting than their vinyl or laminate counterparts. Additionally, it’s impossible to top the look of wood floors! But before you rush into buying solid or engineered hardwood flooring, it’s important to understand a bit about these floors, especially when it comes to wear layers. The wear layer is the top layer of the board, and is the part of the floor that can be sanded and refinished throughout your floor’s lifetime. Solid... View Article

What’s the Difference Between Plain-Sawn, Quarter-Sawn, Rift-Sawn and Live-Sawn Lumber?

July 23, 2021 11:16 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

When you’re choosing hardwood flooring, one of the factors involved is choosing a wood grain type. Depending on how a log is cut, the wood grain will look very different. There are four main grain types you may see: plain sawn, quarter sawn, rift sawn and live sawn. Here’s the difference between the four, so you can make an informed decision between grain types for your hardwood flooring. Plain-sawn lumber You may have heard this type of plank referred to as “flat-sawn” as well as plain-sawn lumber. Plain-sawn planks are the most common type of hardwood flooring plank, and produces... View Article

How to Choose and Install Hardwood Floors

July 9, 2021 11:16 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Deciding on hardwood floors is almost always a wise decision. Not only are they beautiful, they’re timeless and provide a good return on your investment. When properly cared for, hardwood floors can last decades. The only problem is deciding what kind of hardwood flooring to install. Not all hardwood floors are created equal, and the color, hardness, grain pattern, type of flooring and other factors will affect how it looks in your home. Here’s a quick guide to hardwood flooring installation: Solid vs. engineered hardwood: Traditionally, hardwood was manufactured in solid wood planks. Today, engineered hardwood is also available. This... View Article

How to Save a Water-Damaged Wood Floor

June 22, 2021 2:36 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Water and wood are not a winning combination. When your home floods, your hardwood floors are bound to suffer. Sometimes a floor is too far gone to fix, but if the damage is less severe, you may be able to get away with hardwood flooring repair. Here are some tips you can use to save your water-damaged wood flooring. Removing the water The faster you can get the water off your floors, the better—wood’s cellulose fibers soak up water very quickly. Unfortunately, it’s a lot slower to dry. No matter how sturdy the floors and finish are, water can easily... View Article

Should You Refinish or Replace Your Hardwood Floors?

June 8, 2021 2:36 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Hardwood floors can take a beating over time. Walking, playing, pets and moving furniture can all contribute to wear and tear. Your floor might look dingy, scratched or dull, no matter how well you keep up on flooring maintenance. Homeowners often ask whether they should refinish their hardwood floors or replace them with new hardwood flooring installation. In many cases, it’s cheaper and easier to simply refinish the floors, but this can only be done a few times over the floor’s lifetime. If you’ve refinished your floors several times already, you may need to replace them. Here’s how to decide... View Article