The Best Options for Green Flooring in Santa Cruz, CA

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If you consider yourself to be environmentally conscious, you are probably trying to make changes in your everyday life and do your part to be more eco-friendly. Maybe you drive a hybrid car, or you take your bike to work, or you spend extra time sorting out recycling to ensure that you don’t waste any materials. Regardless of what specific actions you are taking, every little thing makes a difference.

If you are making some changes to your home, you are probably thinking about the kinds of materials you are using and how your projects might impact the environment. Thankfully, there are many different materials and products on the market that are specifically designed with eco-friendliness. Choosing green flooring in Santa Cruz, CA allows you to incorporate materials into your home that aren’t so harmful to the environment:

  • Bamboo: Many people are familiar with bamboo as a fast-growing plant species that seems to pop up overnight—and this is what makes it such a great material for flooring. The quick growth cycle of bamboo means that plants can be replenished in a matter of three to five years.
  • Wool carpet: Wool carpeting is made from sheep’s wool—a material that is renewed every time a sheep grows it back. The plush nature of wool makes it a very comfortable option for your floors. In addition, wool can be produced in a variety of different colors, which means you have options that will work best in your specific space.
  • Cork: Cork is a renewable material that is also a very cost-effective flooring option. Cork material can be harvested from a living tree without killing it. The material itself is naturally resistant to bugs and mold, and it is also very insulative.
  • Sisal: Believe it or not, sisal carpeting is actually produced from the leaves of the agave plant. It is an eco-friendly option that also delivers an outstanding level of durability. Many homeowners choose sisal when they are looking for green flooring in Santa Cruz, CA because of how well it stands up to heavy use.
  • Linoleum: You might not think of linoleum when you think about eco-friendly flooring, but this material is actually made from linseed oil—a substance that is produced by flax plants. In addition to the renewable nature of the material, it also lasts for decades. Linoleum flooring that is cared for properly can last for over 40 years, which reduces the waste created by frequent replacement.

For the best options when it comes to green flooring in Santa Cruz, CA, stop by The Wholesale House. We have been providing our customers with outstanding flooring solutions since 1971, and we continue to deliver quality products that you can enjoy in your home for decades. Whether you are interested in wool carpeting or beautiful bamboo flooring, we can help you find the perfect flooring material. We can provide you with a free consultation, including an estimate for your new flooring—just give us a call or stop by and see us today!

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