How Much Value Will New Flooring Add to My Home?

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In the right circumstances, adding new flooring to your home can significantly increase its value, which makes it a good project to take on if you’re preparing to sell it. The appearance of a new floor will make your home more visually and aesthetically appealing, and can make a sizable difference in your selling price.

But how do you know which type of flooring material to choose if your goal is to increase your home’s value? Here is some information from a flooring store in Santa Cruz, CA that you can consider as you make your decision. Reach out to The Wholesale House today for more information.


There are some outstanding laminate floors out there—vinyl and laminate products are being made to higher standards of quality than ever these days when you’re looking at the higher-end products, and they still are lower in price than hardwood. Good products are beautiful, water resistant and relatively durable, though any vinyl product is going to be susceptible to some level of scarring or scratching.

However, there are lots of poor-quality laminate products out there as well, which can actually detract from the value of your home and even result in health problems, as they occasionally emit toxic levels of formaldehyde. Therefore, if you’re going to install laminate flooring in your home, make sure you’re using a good product. Otherwise, you could be doing more harm than good in your installation.

Hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are classic and, when maintained well, beautiful. Just about any realtor will tell you that new or freshly refinished hardwood floors will be the preferred flooring choice of homebuyers and will add to the value of your home. One study performed by USA Today found the majority of homebuyers are willing to pay more for homes with hardwood flooring.

The problem is that if your home doesn’t already have hardwood floors installed, it can be both difficult and expensive to put them in. Most of the time, the best option is to pull off any carpeting or linoleum that is covering hardwood floors in old homes and refinish those floors (whether by yourself or with the services of a professional) to increase your home’s financial and aesthetic value.

Hardwood floors never go out of style, and the desire for them keeps trending upward.


Stone is often used as a luxury material for flooring in kitchens or bathrooms. Again, as with hardwood flooring, the key is maintenance—if the stone is new or has been properly maintained, it will add some value to your home, as it is a luxury amenity. But also as with hardwood flooring, adding it in can be difficult and expensive. Consider carefully the kind of return on investment you might get if you’re only looking at making the upgrade to sell your home more easily.

For more information about how different types of floors affect the value of your home, contact our flooring store in Santa Cruz, CA today. We look forward to helping you!

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