Five Signs You Might Need New Hardwood Flooring in Santa Cruz, CA

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Homeowners may choose to install hardwood floors for many reasons; they improve home value, offer a classic look and can last a long time. However, while hardwood floors are durable, they will eventually need to be refinished or replaced. Is the need for floor improvement staring you in the face? Here are five signs you might need new hardwood flooring in Santa Cruz, CA:

  • It’s been refinished too many times: Hiring a professional flooring contractor to refinish your hardwood flooring can restore the wood’s appearance. The process involves sanding away imperfections at the surface level, meaning the wood is thinned out with every pass. Too much refinishing wears down the flooring material, exposing nails and causing other problems over time. The average wood floor can go through three to five professional refinishing jobs before it needs to be replaced.
  • It has water damage: No matter how well you care for your hardwood flooring, you can’t protect it 24/7. Food debris and beverage spills are inevitable, and households with children or pets are used to all sorts of messes on their floors, so it’s no wonder that water damage is one of the top reasons for replacing wood flooring. The biggest problem with water seeping into these types of floors is that it will cause wood to peel and buckle. This eventually leads to gaps between planks and unstable areas throughout your floor.
  • The material is old: Real wood flooring is an organic material, which means it will begin to rot and decay as it ages. When you have decaying floors, the wood will start to become soft and bouncy, and will begin sag. These are all signs you should replace the floor sooner rather than later, or at least have it inspected. Heavy use, improper care and excessive water damage can accelerate rot, so make sure to clean your floors often and wipe up spills immediately.
  • You want to change the color or design: Your flooring may not be decades old, but you really want a new design or color. When it comes to design, this can mean the unique natural grains in the wood planks or how the pieces are laid out and installed. For example, many homeowners are choosing a diagonal design to make rooms appear larger than they really are. The color can refer to the natural hues of the wood boards or the stain that’s added later.
  • You want a different type of wood: Let’s say your hardwood floors don’t need to be replaced; you just want to change them to a different type of wood. Most wood flooring in the United States is made of oak. Oak is beautiful and easy to maintain, but you can choose other species of wood if you want to achieve a different look. Another option is to move away from the traditional wood flooring. Instead, choose maple wood, bamboo or Brazilian cherry wood to create a more unique and modern look inside your home.

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