Five Important Things to Do Before Visiting a Flooring Store in Santa Cruz, CA

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New flooring can absolutely transform a space for the better. Replacing old carpeting with hardwood flooring or ripping out dated tile in favor of a plush carpet will revitalize any room. But buying new flooring can seem like an overwhelming process. It can be even more intimidating if you’re planning to install it yourself.

Fortunately, shopping for flooring—regardless of the type—doesn’t have to be difficult. The key is to complete a few different tasks before ever heading to the flooring store in Santa Cruz, CA. Take these steps and you’ll be installing your new flooring in no time:

  • Set a budget: Having at least a rough budget is critical when shopping for flooring. Take the time to set your budget before you even start picturing your dream flooring. Identify a low and high price point you’re comfortable spending to set a solid range. This is also the time to determine how you plan on paying for it. Some stores will require you to pay upfront, while others will offer a no- or low-interest financing option.
  • Look ahead of time: Now you can start picturing your dream flooring. Imagine what would work best in the space and think about possible colors and materials. Then, take your search to the next step by checking out design shows or websites to find a few examples that inspire you. Having an idea for the space will make the search easier when you head to the flooring store.
  • Measure: Next, pull out the tape measure to take some basic measurements. Measure the length and width of each separate room to determine the basic square footage. This will ensure you know approximately how much flooring will be needed. Knowing exactly what you have to cover will make it easier to stay within budget.
  • Be realistic about your DIY skills: Not everyone is handy with tools. Be realistic about this before you decide whether to hire someone to do the work or handle it yourself. It may be less expensive to do-it-yourself, but it could also wind up costing more to cover the costs of a home improvement project gone wrong. Hiring a professional is a great option if you aren’t comfortable attempting the job on your own.
  • Consider any limitations: Finally, consider a few other factors that could influence the right flooring choice for the home. Do you have children or pets? Are there any past flooring issues you want to avoid in the future? How long do you plan to stay in the home? How much regular maintenance are you willing to do? A flooring specialist can help you identify the best option based on these responses.

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