How to Properly Care for Hardwood Flooring in Santa Cruz, CA

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Hardwood floors are a classic. They’ve made their mark as a staple in homes of all styles throughout the world. However, hardwood floors take a beating every day, from all the daily traffic to accidental spills and scuffs. Dirt, grime and dust can’t hide on wood floors like they can on carpeting. Learning how to clean and maintain hardwood flooring is vital when it comes to protecting your investment. Taking care of hardwood flooring will keep it looking great for years or even decades to come.

Follow these recommendations to keep your hardwood flooring in Santa Cruz, CA looking great:

  • Daily: Plan to dust and sweep the floor every day with a microfiber cloth or dry mop. This will keep the floor clean without scratching and damaging the surface.
  • Weekly: Weekly vacuuming and mopping will catch everything that escapes the daily cleaning. The combination of vacuuming followed by mopping will remove all the dirt and spots. However, be careful to avoid damaging the floor with the wheels of the vacuum or by applying excess liquid to the wood. Lightly mist the floor with a hardwood cleaning solution for a gentle, yet effective clean.
  • Monthly: Polish the floor every few months to keep it clean, bright and protected. Polishing renews the finish that protects the floor from moisture and other threats. The polish will fill in all the tiny microscopic scratches that have started depleting the protective surface.
  • Annually: The annual deep clean will reverse all the damage it goes through every year. Have a professional deep clean your hardwood flooring once a year. Go the extra mile every three to five years by sanding and refinishing. This will remove all the old protective finish that’s been damaged and then replace it with a new coat. Sanding will repair the deep scratches and gouges for a like-new finish.

Finish-specific care

The floor’s finish will ultimately determine the best type of floor care. Waxed wood floors will need to be cleaned with a powerful compound that adds a fresh coat of wax while also removing any dirt. However, a simple combination of vinegar and water is the best option for polyurethane-coated floors. Not sure whether the floor is covered with wax or polyurethane? Drip some water on the floor. The water will bead and stay on top of the floor if it’s polyurethane. Water will soak into a wax-coated floor.

Protect your hardwood flooring in Santa Cruz, CA

Regular maintenance is the most effective way to protect your beautiful hardwood floors. It will take time to find the best cleaning and maintenance plan, and different flooring types will require varying levels of work.

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