Six Reasons to Choose Linoleum Flooring

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Linoleum flooring is a favorite for its durability and appearance. It is an excellent alternative to vinyl flooring, and more cost-effective than tile. This makes it a common choice for bathrooms and kitchens. If you remain undecided on whether to buy linoleum flooring in Santa Cruz, CA for your home, here are six reasons why it may be your best choice:

  • Longevity: Linoleum is very resilient. Unlike floor types that can dent, it bounces when compressed and often has a springy effect as you walk across it. This illustrates its durability. When it receives good care, linoleum can last 40 years or more, and most warranties cover damage for up to 25 years.
  • Decorative flexibility: Modern manufacturing added options to linoleum. It is available in many colors and textures. You can go for a bright drive-in look or adopt the appearance of a wooden floor without the extra maintenance. If you have a design idea, it is likely that linoleum can meet it. Many customers are surprised by what it has to offer.
  • Green: Linoleum is made from all-natural materials, including linseed oil, wood flour, cork powder and pine resins. Some varieties include limestone to add to its hardness. All materials are biodegradable and will not poison the environment. Also, it does not emit harmful VOCs, which adds to your indoor air quality. After installation, the only smell you will detect is that of the linseed oil, but it is harmless and goes away in a few weeks.
  • Looks new longer: Pigments used in linoleum go beyond the surface. Vinyl and laminate often show minor scratches and dings because only the surface bears the pigment. Linoleum camouflages those dings and will look better for a longer time. Also, some manufacturers add a protective coating so it will not fade in sunlight. Adding more coating is also advisable if you wish to avoid damage from high heels and furniture legs.
  • Low maintenance: If you buy coated linoleum, it only requires damp mopping and sweeping. Even if it is not coated, linoleum only requires a cleaning and waxing every two to three years to maintain its appearance. Just be careful when you mop, as it will be more slippery than vinyl. But many customers find this hazard worth it because it looks cleaner longer and will not require mopping often.
  • Cost effective: Linoleum costs about the same as vinyl, but with more advantages. There are also DIY options if you wish to save money by doing the installation on your own. Sheet-type linoleum is best handled by professionals, but there are snap-together tiles to make it easier for the DIY-er. However, if you hire a professional, the snap-together option will install just that much more quickly, saving you on labor costs.

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