Three Types of Stain Resistant Carpeting

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If your home is full of the activity of animals and small children, it is likely that investing in stain resistant carpeting in Santa Cruz, CA has crossed your mind. While no carpet type is entirely stainproof, there are options that are easier to clean when the assault of dirt and liquids leaves its mark. However, it is not chemical treatments that determine stain resistance—it is primarily the carpet’s material. Here’s a look at three types of carpeting material and their relative level of stain resistance:

  • Nylon: The most popular choice, nylon is well known for durability and stain resistance. This does not come naturally to it—nylon carpet is chemically treated to ensure stain control. However, it will not attract oil like other carpets, and the stain resistance will vary between brands due to the fact that they all use different coatings for controlling stains. There is even a new product on the market that builds stain resistance straight into the strands to eliminate concerns about stain resistance wearing off. Navigating these options can be confusing. Ensure you buy the best brand of nylon carpeting by visiting a reputable flooring store that offers carpet stain warranties with its products.
  • Wool: Unlike nylon, wool comes to its stain resistance naturally. Just as water rolls right off a sheep, wine, Kool-Aid, ketchup and mud will roll right off of wool carpet. Unlike nylon, it is resistant to both liquids and oils. The only drawback with wool is that you will spend more money on it, although there is also a good chance that it will last longer if you take good care of it. Consider installing wool carpet in your highest-traffic areas if you wish to enjoy its benefits without overloading your budget.
  • Polyester: Polyester and its close cousin olefin also offer stain resistance. Since they are oil-based carpets, they will repel spills but attract oils. While this may not seem ideal, both types have one big advantage for the budget-wary: they are affordable. Since oil-based stains are normally brought in from outside, this is likely not a good option for high-traffic areas. Installing polyester carpet near your front door guarantees you will be on a first-name basis with your local carpet cleaner before too long. However, bedrooms and dining rooms are often ideal locations to install polyester carpet.

Besides considering materials, check for a carpet stain warranty. This is especially important if you buy a carpet with a proprietary stain resistance product. Also, you will want to consider the use of the rooms with the carpet. You likely require higher stain resistance in play rooms and other high-traffic areas than in guest rooms or formal dining rooms.

Finding the right stain resistant carpeting in Santa Cruz, CA requires options and expertise. You can find that combination at The Wholesale House. We offer options for any room in your home and find the best one for your foot traffic and budget. Visit today to see what we can do to improve your floors and offer better stain and wear resistance throughout your home.

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