The Best Carpet for Pet Owners in Santa Cruz, CA

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Any pet owner can tell you that the two most important qualities you should look for when purchasing new carpeting are durability and stain resistance. It’s an unfortunate reality that accidents are going to happen, no matter how good or well-trained you think your pets are or how responsible you are as a pet owner. Even without accidents, the regular daily wear and tear that comes from cats and dogs is not to be underestimated. That’s a lot of foot traffic, rolling around, chewing on toys and time spent playing with your family.

There are plenty of people who opt to go without carpet and use hardwood flooring or vinyl instead, because it doesn’t trap as much hair or dander. However, carpeting is more comfortable for pets, who spend a lot of time lying on the floor. It also gives your pets a non-skid surface, so they can more easily walk and run around your home. It also absorbs sounds that you might otherwise hear while they’re bounding around the house.

So, how can you choose the best carpet for pet owners in Santa Cruz, CA? Here are some issues to take into consideration.


First and foremost, consider the type of material the carpeting is made from. Generally, carpets will be made out of natural fibers, synthetic fibers (nylon, polyester or olefin) or wool. Wool is the most luxurious and the softest, and unsurprisingly also typically the most expensive. It is naturally resistant to flame and breaks down quickly in landfills, making it more environmentally friendly, but it is not as stain-resistant or cost-effective as the other options.

Nylon fiber carpet tends to be the most popular these days for its combination of affordability, durability and stain resistance. This is particularly beneficial if you have a house with kids and/or pets. Polyester and olefin are also inexpensive, but not as durable.

Pet-specific carpet designs

There are some types of carpet that are designed specifically with pets in mind, particularly with regard to stain prevention. You’ll often find pet-friendly carpets that prevent stains from soaking through to the padding, which is a common way for moisture to create bacteria and mold. Carpet tiles can also make it easier for you to remove and replace damaged sections of carpet more easily than traditional carpet installation.

Exposure to volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Carpet is one common material found in homes that could contain VOCs that can result in irritation to the eyes, throat or nose. In some cases, VOCs can even have some neurological effects. The good news is that most newer carpets limit their VOC levels. You can even find carpeting that has been certified as being low-VOC. Many newer carpets are made from recycled materials, and have been created by using less water or energy.

These are just a few examples of some of the issues to take into consideration when searching for the best carpet for pet owners in Santa Cruz, CA. Contact The Wholesale House to learn more about your flooring options.

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