Everything You Wanted to Know About Laminate Flooring

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One of the top benefits of choosing laminate flooring for your home is that it can imitate all aspects of traditional wood plank flooring. Homeowners and builders alike enjoy using quality laminate because it’s easy to install and durable, looks nice and feels great underfoot. This type of flooring works well in bedrooms, shared open spaces, hallways, bathrooms and kitchens—there’s a color and pattern for everyone and every space.

If you’re considering installing laminate floors in your home, but only remember the ugly stuff in your grandparents’ home from when you were a kid, read on! Here’s everything you wanted to know about laminate flooring in Santa Cruz, CA.


Well-made, high-quality laminate flooring will mimic the look of natural wood flooring. Laminate manufacturers pay special attention to detail in the making of laminate flooring to ensure it presents a beautiful wood-grain appearance. Most laminate planks are the same size as their natural wood plank counterparts, making them the perfect fit for any space in your home. For this reason, many flooring companies agree that laminate planks are the best alternative for hardwood floor options. They will last a long time, longer than most sturdier woods.


Something that everyone doing research into new home flooring needs to understand about laminate flooring is its installation process. Laying down laminate floor planks doesn’t require any special skills, just time to plan out the direction the planks will go and cutting odd-length pieces to ensure complete coverage of the surface. All you need to do is lock each piece into each other, as opposed to needing adhesive to secure other products in place. Because installing laminate flooring is simple, you can easily do it yourself.


You need to think about how long the laminate flooring will last in your home or in particular areas. Also, take into consideration how the floor will hold up in certain indoor environments. It’s true that laminate flooring materials are designed to last for a long time, but laminate floors are still only a temporary product, like most other types of flooring materials. It will wear down over time, especially in high traffic areas like hallways.

You will need to replace the flooring once the wear layer fades, which could be a long while down the road. Another benefit of laminate is that it’s easy to remove. Simply get a little leverage under the planks and pull it up to reveal the subfloor. If left undamaged, the subfloor can be reused.

Care and maintenance

Laminate floors are easy to maintain. The protective top layer keeps debris and dirt on the surface, making cleaning and sanitizing a breeze. All you need to do is vacuum (without the beater bar on) or dry mop on a regular basis. Stains are easily removed with a mild soap and water solution, but take care to not saturate or leave water puddles on the surface. Water that collects can cause swelling, and most manufacturers don’t cover water damage with their warranty.

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