Could Cork Flooring Be Right for You?

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Natural flooring materials are in vogue now more than ever, and that includes cork flooring. This renewable resource—made from the cork oak tree—has been around for decades, but is seeing a new surge of popularity thanks to an increased interest in using sustainable materials.

Is cork flooring right for your Santa Cruz, CA home? This overview will give you an idea of the benefits and drawbacks associated with this flooring material.

How it’s made and installed

Cork is harvested from the cork oak tree, ground up and bonded with resins. This yields a soft, plush flooring material that feels great under your feet while still being completely biodegradable. It’s also hypoallergenic, which is great for homeowners with asthma or allergies.

Cork flooring comes in several different forms, including tiles and slices that are bonded to fiberboard, or laminated planks. Most cork flooring is installed with the “glue-down” method, similar to how you’d install vinyl tiles, but the planks are snapped together and set down (like laminate planks made to emulate hardwood). If your flooring type isn’t already sealed, you’ll need to lay down several coats of sealer to protect the floor.

How to care for cork flooring

Generally, cork flooring maintenance in Santa Cruz, CA is a matter of simply sweeping or vacuuming your floor every few days to catch dust and debris. If you spill anything on the floor, make sure you wipe it up immediately—while the sealant should protect your floor, cork is highly absorbent. Excess liquid (for example, flooding) can cause discoloration, staining, warping and buckling.

Expect to reseal your flooring every few years for the best protection against stains and scratches—in fact, you can completely refinish the surface, like hardwood, and get a new look.

If you have pets, you’ll need to keep their nails trimmed. Cork is durable, but it’s soft enough to be susceptible to dings and scratches from animal paws. Similarly, heavy furniture can cause dents and depressions in your floor, which can be remedied by using floor coasters or protectors underneath your couches and tables.

Finally, direct sunlight can cause cork to discolor, so keep your windows shaded during peak times of day.

If you’re looking for a warm, natural flooring material that feels comfortable, is easy to maintain and has great insulation qualities, cork might be right for you. On the other hand, if the maintenance is too much for you, The Wholesale House offers a variety of other natural flooring materials to choose from.

Cork flooring in Santa Cruz, CA

Interested in outfitting your home with cork flooring in Santa Cruz, CA? The Wholesale House offers a wide variety of flooring materials, including cork, carpet, hardwood, vinyl, tile and more. Our huge selection of colors and styles is priced to move, and we offer free estimates and consultations to help you decide how much you’ll need. Our family owned business has been helping area residents find the perfect flooring materials for over 30 years—find out why our customers love us when you call or stop by today.

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