Why You’ll Love Sisal Flooring

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As you research flooring options for your home, you may have come across sisal flooring in Santa Cruz, CA. This material, which is made from a type of agave plant grown in Brazil, is part of an ongoing trend toward using natural fibers and materials in homes. More homeowners are turning toward natural materials instead of synthetic flooring, which often requires the use of petroleum and fossil fuels, which are less than environmentally friendly. Sisal is just one natural option—here’s why we think you’ll love it:

  • Natural material: Because sisal is a natural plant fiber, it’s great for people with allergies or asthma. Unlike synthetic carpeting, sisal will not give off volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which is much better for your home’s air quality. It’s also biodegradable, which means it won’t linger in the landfill like older carpeting materials.
  • Durable: Sisal is naturally strong—it’s used to make twine and mariner’s rope as well as a green fiberglass alternative. It’s one of the strongest natural or synthetic flooring materials available, and can stand up to a lot of everyday wear and tear.
  • Beautiful: Sisal comes in both natural and dyed varieties. The natural version is a mixture of cream, beige and white thanks to the plant’s fibers, but it’s so absorbent that it holds dye quite well, and comes in a variety of colors and patterns.
  • Low maintenance: You won’t need much to keep sisal carpeting clean. Regular vacuuming and spot-treating should do the trick.
  • Absorbent: Sisal is so naturally absorbent that it can affect the ambient humidity in your home, helping you stay cool on hot days.
  • Static resistant: Since it’s made of natural fibers, sisal is much less static-prone than synthetic carpeting—and it’s not as flammable, either.

It’s important to note that sisal flooring, like all flooring materials, does have some drawbacks you’ll want to take into account:

  • Rougher than other materials: The main drawback to most natural fiber carpeting, including sisal, is that because it’s such a tough, durable material, it’s also somewhat rough to the touch. If you’re looking for plush carpeting that you’ll want to walk on while barefoot, you might consider other options.
  • Prone to stans: Since sisal is so incredibly absorbent, it can absorb stains very quickly—and you can’t wet shampoo or steam clean this kind of carpeting. If you have young children or very messy family members, sisal might not be the right choice for your home.

Whether sisal is right for you or you need to look for another type of material, opting for natural fibers is a beautiful and environmentally-friendly choice.

Sisal flooring in Santa Cruz, CA

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