How to Measure for Carpet

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The old adage always makes sense when you’re looking into carpeting a room in your home or office: measure twice, cut once. You’re paying for an expensive product in the form of carpeting, and you want to make sure you’re sizing it up right before you proceed. After you’ve picked a color for your carpeting as well as a suitable style that you’re comfortable with, you want to make sure you’re measuring the room (or rooms) properly.

If you’re curious about how to measure for carpet in Santa Cruz, CA, then you’ve come to the right place. Our professional team at The Wholesale House can always double check your work and handle the next steps for purchasing, but it’s a good skill to have in your toolbox. See below for some more thoughts on measuring carpeting for the office or the home.

Choose your tools

Technology has given us a lot of benefits that can make home construction or remodeling a relatively easy task. A good old tape measure should be a staple of every toolbox, of course, especially if you’re wondering how to measure for carpet in Santa Cruz, CA, but there are even better options available now. A laser measuring device is one of our favorite tools for the job. It allows for quick, precise measuring and can turn this task into a one-person job. Long tape measures can sometimes be easier if there are two people working with them, but a laser measure guarantees only one person needs to work with it.

Look for rectangles

If every room in which you want to install carpet is a rectangle or a square, then congratulations—your job just got a thousand times easier! For the 99 percent of people who live and work in spaces that don’t fit this description, you might be wondering where exactly to start with measuring such irregular shapes. Fortunately, there are systems that can help. You’ll want to try and break the room into rectangles that are easier to measure when you’re trying to measure for carpet in Santa Cruz, CA. For example, if you have an L-shaped room, you want to imagine at as two rectangles: the long shaft of the L, as well as the “foot” of the wall. Once you do this, then it’s just a matter of measuring two basic rectangles and adding them together to get the square footage down.

Buy a little extra

A common mistake we see all the time is people buying exactly as much carpet they think they’ll need once they measure for it. While we admire this optimism, the reality is that you should overbuy by about 5 percent. This allows space for things like errors as well as seams—you always wind up needing a bit more than you think you do, so plan ahead!

Our team here at The Wholesale House have been in the home remodeling supply business for years, so we have plenty more insight where this came from. Come down anytime or give us a call for a professional consultation about your remodeling supply needs—we can’t wait to talk!

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