Are There Any Disadvantages to Vinyl Flooring?

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When homeowners go shopping for new floors, their first thought is often hardwood flooring in Santa Cruz, CA. There are a ton of options out there, and it’s important to consider them all before making a final decision. One of the choices we always recommend checking out is vinyl. This post will cover aspects of both the downsides and the advantages to this material:

  • Appearance: You want your new floors to look great throughout their entire lifespan. Unfortunately, this might not be the case when you opt for vinyl. Though vinyl planks and tiles look fine initially, they’re susceptible to UV rays and may begin to fade over time. Once this happens, there’s really no going back.
  • Durability: When it comes to durability, vinyl floors can’t compete with materials like hardwood or laminate. They’re known to dent if a heavy object falls on them, and they can even be punctured by sharp items. If you live in a busy household, you may want to avoid vinyl floors.
  • Repairs: Unlike hardwood, repairing vinyl is nearly impossible. Your only option if vinyl is scratched, dented or otherwise damaged is to remove the flooring entirely and replace it with something else.
  • Removal: Speaking of removing vinyl, it’s messy and not very easy to do. Sticky glue is often used to install vinyl, which rarely comes off clean. You’ll be stuck with a messy sublayer after you pull off all the vinyl.

Is vinyl flooring right for you?

Sure, vinyl flooring isn’t perfect—but few things are! If you need new flooring, here are some reasons you might want to choose vinyl:

  • Affordability: If you’re looking to save some money, go with vinyl. Even if you choose higher-end luxury vinyl, you’ll still pay a fraction of the cost of hardwood flooring in Santa Cruz, CA. You’ll save even more money when you shop at The Wholesale House—we have the most competitive prices in town for all of our flooring materials.
  • Waterproof: Vinyl floors are nearly impervious to moisture. This trait makes them a fantastic choice for bathrooms, kitchens, mudrooms, laundry rooms or anywhere else that’s prone to spills or moisture accumulation. The only rooms we don’t recommend using vinyl in are those that receive a lot of sunlight, as the color will fade fairly rapidly.
  • Installation: Installing new vinyl floors is about as easy as it gets. As long as the subfloor beneath the vinyl is even and free of debris, you can install vinyl in a matter of hours.
  • Maintenance: Nobody wants to spend a ton of time cleaning and caring for their floors. That’s not an issue for homeowners who opt for vinyl. As long as you sweep up any dirt and occasionally mop them down, your vinyl will look great and stand the test of time.

From vinyl to hardwood flooring in Santa Cruz, CA, The Wholesale House is your go-to source for all of your flooring needs. Come by our showroom today to find out why customers choose us over the competition!

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