Benefits of Sisal Flooring

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As property owners search for sustainable options to build and decorate their homes, green solutions have grown in popularity. Sisal (pronounced SIGH-suhl) is one of these options that has gained traction in recent years. Made from the Brazilian sisal plant, the fibers of sisal flooring in Santa Cruz, CA offer a natural feature that is environmentally friendly. Following are some of the top benefits that have led to the popularity of this flooring:

  • Durability: When you invest in flooring, you want your investment to last. The sisal plant offers durable fibers that create an extremely durable carpet. The material is strong and offers great longevity. It’s so tough that sisal is often used for boating rope and for components in the auto industry.
  • Aesthetics: Sisal offers an attractive finish. As a natural fiber, it features a nice blend of creams and tans for a neutral look that can complement any surroundings. If bolder colors are desired, the fibers can also hold dye well to create the color scheme you want for your space. Various weaving patterns can also be used to make unique flooring solutions with sisal flooring in Santa Cruz, CA.
  • Safety: Because sisal flooring is made of a natural material, you don’t have to worry that the carpeting will trigger allergens or asthmatic reactions. It does not give off volatile organic compounds, so sisal does not diminish the air quality of your surroundings.
  • Eco-friendliness: Sisal flooring in Santa Cruz, CA is biodegradable. This means it will not take up space in a landfill for centuries if you ever decide to replace it.
  • Maintenance: A nice feature of sisal flooring is that it requires little care. Unlike some flooring options, all you need to do to care for this carpet is vacuum it regularly.
  • Absorbency: In sunny Santa Cruz, having a natural humidifier in the home is a nice feature. Sisal flooring can act as one. It is highly absorbent, meaning it helps keep your home cooler on warm days.
  • Low static: How many times have you walked across a carpet and shocked yourself or a family member? Sisal flooring resists static. It also offers low flammability.

Are there any downsides?

With so many benefits to sisal flooring in Santa Cruz, CA, you may be wondering why everyone doesn’t already have this carpet installed in their homes. There are two drawbacks to this flooring option. First, its absorbency has a downside: it makes the carpet prone to stains. Its durability also has a drawback: its toughness makes it rougher than other carpeting, so some homeowners go with other options if they prefer softer flooring.

Find out more

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