What Is Sisal Carpet?

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Sisal carpet in Santa Cruz, CA has grown in popularity in recent years. Like any new trend, it’s important to understand what it is before choosing to add it to your home. If you’re considering sisal carpet, use the following quick guide to educate yourself about this unique product.


Sisal carpet is made from the sisal plant. This tropical plant is typically found in Brazil. It can provide fibers that are up to 36 inches long when the plant is processed to create carpet and other products. In fact, sisal fibers are so strong that they are used for rope, including twine used in marine settings.


Sisal carpet in Santa Cruz, CA is a common choice due to its many benefits. It is highly durable, environmentally friendly and low maintenance. Its durability makes it a great choice for high-traffic areas in homes and offices.


Certain settings are better for sisal carpet than others. Typically, this option is good for most rooms where you want to add a natural look and need a flooring option that gives high durability. Mud rooms and kitchens are common locations for sisal carpets. However, due to their rough texture, sisal carpets are less often used in bedrooms or living rooms, where homeowners typically prefer a softer flooring option.


Sisal is simple to produce, making it an affordable flooring option. Because of its durability, it also provides a better ROI than some other carpeting options that cost the same or more. Prices vary based on size and weave, but you can purchase a sisal rug for as little as $25, or you can spend around $1,000 for larger, more complex carpets.


Sisal carpet in Santa Cruz, CA offers a fairly low-maintenance flooring option. Regular vacuuming will keep it looking clean and fresh. Just remember to keep your sisal rug dry, since it is highly absorbent. If you experience a spill, spot clean the sisal carpet as soon as possible. Use a hair dryer to remove any moisture that you can’t soak up with a paper towel. Additionally, if the rug is small, taking it outside occasionally and shaking it to remove any accumulated dirt can help keep it clean.


If you think sisal carpet might be a good option for your home, contact an experienced professional for expert installation. Look for a company that has knowledge of a variety of flooring solutions to make the best recommendation for your surroundings.

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