Everything You Need to Know About Vinyl Floors

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When the time comes to replace your flooring, there are so many options at your fingertips. There’s classic hardwood for that timeless chic look. Carpet makes any room a little bit cozier. Tile floors are perfect for bathrooms or kitchen where water and spills are common. With all those options, it might be easy to overlook the value of vinyl floors in Santa Cruz, CA.

While vinyl flooring may not be the perfect solution for every home or every room, there are plenty of times when vinyl floors make an ideal addition to a home. Here are the details behind vinyl.

The versatile material

There are two types of vinyl floors. The first is vinyl sheeting, which is found in larger sheets of between six and 12 feet long. More often than not, vinyl sheeting mimics the look of hardwood floors. The second option for vinyl floors is vinyl tile. Vinyl tiles come in smaller square shapes (typically between nine and 12 inches on each side). They are used to resemble the physical appearance of ceramic or stone tiles.

That’s often a significant portion of vinyl’s appeal—its ability to look like other materials, only at a fraction of the cost.

Easy installation

Often, materials like hardwood and stone are pretty tricky to install, even for a seasoned contractor. On the other hand, vinyl floors in Santa Cruz, CA are a breeze for flooring contractors to install. That means your installation process tends to run smoother, go faster and cost less than with alternative materials.

Once they’re in, they’re in

The decision to install vinyl floors isn’t one to make lightly. They can be challenging to remove if and when you choose to have them replaced.

They’re cheap

You’ve probably determined by this point that vinyl is considered an excellent replacement for people hoping to replicate the look of hardwood or stone without paying the premium price. Indeed, vinyl is the cheapest option to install in your home. Hardwood runs about $10 a square foot, and carpet can climb up to $6 per square foot. Even luxury vinyl tops out at $5 a square foot.

Beware, though, that vinyl’s quality can fluctuate. It’s essential to choose a reliable brand and qualified contractor to install your vinyl floors to ensure they come out looking how you’d hoped.

Explore vinyl

Find out more about vinyl floors in Santa Cruz, CA and all of the various options that it entails. For a bargain price, the team at The Wholesale House can inject some creativity and beauty into your home with some help from malleable, durable vinyl.

If vinyl’s not your thing, The Wholesale House has a wide array of flooring options you’re bound to love. From our stunning selection of hardwood to our diverse supply of carpets, we have what you’re looking for. Best of all, when you work with us, you can count on top-notch customer service from beginning to end. That’s our promise to you. Get in touch with us today to find out more.

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