Your Options for Stain-Resistant Carpet

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There’s nothing quite like a gorgeous stretch of carpet. It takes the sting out of chilly winter mornings. It makes for comfortable seating when the couch is too crowded. It adds softness and color to any room and serves as the perfect environment for any décor.

A beautiful carpet is timeless—that is, until something spills. Then your pristine carpet becomes a blight on the decorative scheme. The worst part is, stains are unavoidable. Whether you’re raising kids or raising a pack of corgis, stains will happen. All you can do is protect against them. That begins with your choice of carpeting type.

What’s the best stain-resistant carpet in Santa Cruz, CA? We’ve got the answers below.


Looking for a natural option with no added chemicals? Most wool carpets don’t get treated at the factory. Of course, they don’t need it—wool is one of the most naturally stain-resistant materials you can find. It repels nearly any kind of spill you can throw at it, from wine to ketchup to oils. However, the biggest drawback of wool is that its high price makes it somewhat unreasonable for those on a tight budget.


If you don’t have the budget for wool carpet, nylon is the next best option. The difference with nylon, however, is that this stain-resistant carpet in Santa Cruz, CA is created in a lab. Nylon carpets have a special stain-fighting chemical added at the factory. Depending on the brand of carpet and the type you get, your nylon carpet’s ability to fight stains will vary.


If you’re working within a budget, then polyester carpet just might be the right option. However, while polyester is fantastic at repelling regular spills, the material actively attracts oil-based messes (think butter, mayonnaise and motor oil.). As a result, polyester carpet isn’t advised in areas where you’ll be eating (or working on car engines).

Know your area

Before you commit to one type of carpeting for your home, make sure you know what you’ll be doing with the carpeted area. For example, a bedroom area may only need polyester if you’re not planning on eating in bed. Treated nylon carpet is an excellent option for families looking to maximize their investment. There are so many options—all it takes is knowing what you want to do with the area.

Get help from the pros

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