An Overview of Eco-Friendly Flooring Solutions

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The glut of home renovation shows on television these days has made it seem like it’s never been easier to totally update and renovate your home. On top of this, the uncertain times we live in have caused us all to spend more time around the house, wondering what we might like to do differently.

All of this adds up to a lot of renovation plans and a lot of customers asking us about eco-friendly flooring solutions in Santa Cruz, CA. As we all become more and more aware of the footprints we leave on the environment, it’s never been more attractive to choose low-impact materials, and flooring choices are keeping up with the times.


While a relatively new development in flooring technology, cork is gaining popularity. Many people picture the spongy cork of a wine bottle and figure that it could never work as a floor, but that’s far from the truth. Cork is far more durable and sturdy than many people imagine. First of all, cork is green because it can be harvested without cutting down the tree itself—it’s simply the bark that’s used, which can grow back in a few years. It also has inherent anti-microbial properties, so it can help keep common allergens at bay around the house. It’s also resistant to fire and can be finished to match any color or staining scheme. Best of all, a cork floor can last in your home for up to three decades if it’s of good quality.


While this material may bring to mind the 1980s (or even earlier), linoleum has come a long way in recent years. For starters, linoleum is not vinyl, which is composed almost entirely of petroleum-based chemicals. Linoleum is a far more eco-friendly flooring solution in Santa Cruz, CA, since it’s made up of a variety of renewable or natural resources, including cork dust, wood flour and limestone. Linoleum today comes in every color and pattern imaginable, and it can really take a beating and keep its look, making it a great fit for a high-traffic room like a kitchen or the kids’ playroom. Bonus: It’s easy to clean!

Reclaimed hardwood

Going green is not just about using new materials made from renewable resources, but also reusing old materials. Reclaimed or salvaged hardwood fits in the latter category, and it can make for a beautiful and chic finish in your home or office. Salvaged wood often has the signs of years of usage, which can give it an interesting and warm look and feel when it’s brought back to life with some sanding and finishing. These woods are a popular choice for beach houses and older homes, but they can also give more modern designs a cozy touch.

There has never been more choice when it comes to eco-friendly flooring solutions in Santa Cruz, CA, and other options to ponder include rubber, plastic carpet made from recycled bottles and even wool carpet. The Wholesale House has many green options in stock at our showroom, so if you’re in the market for a sustainable choice for your home remodel, look no further. Give us a call today for your free consultation!

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