What Is Reclaimed Hardwood?

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Whether you’re a seasoned renovator or just taking on your first project, the choices you have to make can seem overwhelming. Couple that with the desire to both achieve the right look and minimize your carbon footprint, and you can face some tough decisions. Fortunately, reclaimed hardwood in Santa Cruz, CA checks all of these boxes for many of our customers.

Reclaimed hardwood is any lumber that’s been used for a previous building project. It might come from an old barn’s siding or from the floor of a century-old house, but it always provides a unique and comfortable look that’s sure to be a conversation starter in your home.

Going green

One of the most attractive parts of using reclaimed hardwood is that you’re not really consuming any new resources. These trees were cut down long before, so you can rest assured that you’re using an eco-friendly and sustainable option. You’re also keeping this old lumber out of the landfill, which helps reduce your carbon footprint. Furthermore, most of this wood comes from old growth timber, which is a dwindling resource, so you are not contributing to its further depletion. Reclaimed wood in Santa Cruz, CA is one of the greenest ways you can remodel or renovate your home or office.

Added character

Since reclaimed wood can come from just about anywhere, you’re never quite certain about what treasures may be out there. Choosing this material means you’re instantly lending charm and texture to any living space. It’s hard not to envision the people who may have previously experienced the floors you’re walking on, and when it comes to reclaimed wood, they could have been workers in a factory or generations of the same family who lived in the same house. The boards will have saw marks, nail holes and knots that have accumulated over the years, but they will be restored to peak durability and strength during restoration and installation. This gives you the best of both worlds: an attractive, old floor that’s also ready to be walked on for years to come.

Choosing your wood

If you think reclaimed wood may be the right choice for you, The Wholesale House can help you pick the type that best fits the look you’re going for. We don’t just give you whatever we have in stock—there is a process where we figure out what you like and don’t like, and then go about seeking it out. The most sought-after types include mahogany, which is known for its extreme durability, and oak, which has a detailed grain that can really add a pop of character to any space.

Reclaimed wood in Santa Cruz, CA has never been a more popular flooring option as people look to add a historic touch to their building projects. Our hardwood flooring team has helped countless customers find the right fit, and you could be our next satisfied client. Call The Wholesale House today and let us help you find the flooring material of your dreams!

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