The Best Wood Flooring Options if You Have a Dog

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If you have a dog, there’s no guarantee that they’ll stay confined to the rugs and runners you put out. Most dogs have nails that scratch and gouge the floor sealer, even if you keep them meticulously trimmed. Tile, stone, laminate and vinyl are all much better options when you have dogs in the house. If you don’t want to give up your pets or your wooden flooring, read on for the best wood flooring options for homes with dogs in Santa Cruz, CA.

Choose a hardwood

When you’re picking out wood flooring, avoid soft woods like pine and fir at all costs. These are much easier to dent and scratch, and while Fido might not understand why you’re freaking out, no one will end up happy. Instead, take a look at the Janka hardness scale and pick flooring options from the hardest woods available. Anything with a rating over 1,000 is a good choice for wood flooring in your pet-friendly home:

  • Brazilian walnut: Brazilian walnut is also known as ipe. It’s a hard, dense wood that has come down in price since it came onto the market years ago. This is a great choice for anyone with pets and children—not only is it beautiful and affordable, but the super-hard wood will stand up to hyperactive small creatures of just about any species.
  • Hard maple: Hard maple is often used for basketball courts, so there’s a good chance your dog will leave it unscathed. You might also see it referred to as sugar maple or rock maple, but don’t confuse it with standard maple—that’s a lot softer. However, keep in mind that if your dog is particularly heavy or active, they can still scratch the wood.
  • Bamboo: Technically, bamboo isn’t wood at all—it’s grass. The reason it can be sold as a hardwood is that it’s manufactured with resins. That gives some varieties a hardness rating of 5,000—for comparison, remember that a hardness rating of 1,000 is considered a good hardwood floor.

If none of these options sounds good to you, there is one other wood choice that might work—and a soft wood, at that. Cork is a natural wood that’s impact-resistant, non-slip and can be repaired easily if your dog’s claws gouge or scratch the flooring.

Consider non-wood options

If the cost of hardwood flooring has you reconsidering your dog-friendly flooring options, perhaps a wood-look floor will suit your needs. Ceramic, vinyl, laminate and other flooring varieties can be manufactured to look like natural wood, at a fraction of the price. Your dog will have a harder time damaging the floor, and you’ll save money sanding and refinishing every time Fido sees a squirrel in the backyard.

There are plenty of options to get the look of wood flooring when you have a dog in Santa Cruz, CA. For more information about flooring choices that work well for homes with dogs, call or stop by The Wholesale House today. We look forward to assisting you!

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