How to Protect Your Floor While Moving Furniture

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Torn and scratched flooring sets a bad tone for your new Santa Cruz, CA home. When you plan for the big move, an important part of the process is figuring out how you will protect the flooring. Consider the following methods for hardwood floor and carpet protection so you can start this next chapter of your life on the right foot.

Move furniture on dollies and sliders

As a general rule, you should avoid dragging heavy furniture across carpet and hard floors. Friction will tear the carpet fibers and leave scratches in the wood. But when you’re tired at the end of a long moving day, pushing and pulling furniture across the floor might be your only option. For this reason, always rent a dolly from your local moving company in Santa Cruz, CA. The wheels are safe to roll along any type of flooring, letting you transport heavy objects with ease.

You’ll also want to consider purchasing a set of furniture sliders. These are small rubber discs that sit under the legs of desks, dining tables and chairs to avoid scuffing hardwood or vinyl floors. Rubber eliminates some of the friction between objects and the floor, reducing the chance of lasting damage. Furniture sliders are designed for large items like sofas that won’t fit on a dolly.

Lay down floor protection

The best way to guard against scratches, tears and dents is to cover floors with a protective film. Sheets of protective film are more effective than tarps or blankets because they come with a built-in adhesive that helps the film lay flat without leaving behind sticky residue. This method of hardwood floor protection also works on carpeting and creates a waterproof, tear-resistant layer.

For those with a larger budget, plywood is the way to go. You can find plywood sheets at any hardware store in Santa Cruz, CA and lay them down for a hassle-free moving experience. The sheets of wood provide a thick barrier that absorbs all the friction and impact from dropped objects. Plywood lets you drag even the heaviest pieces of furniture while keeping your floors pristine and works great for both hardwood and carpet protection.

Ask friends to help you

Moving isn’t a one-man job. Even when you implement all these methods for hardwood floor and carpet protection, you could still end up with costly damage unless many hands help with the heavy lifting. Teaming up with multiple friends eases the burden of transporting bulky furniture and reduces the likelihood of denting walls and door jambs in the process.

Of course, there’s also a chance that your friends might cancel at the last minute. That’s why another great option is to hire a professional moving company. Professional movers make it a priority to show up on time and transport your possessions in the most efficient manner.

Moving is stressful enough without the fear of scuffing your brand new hardwood floors. When you gear up for your next move, consult the flooring experts at The Wholesale House for additional tips on how to properly move furniture across every type of floor. Feel free to ask us questions about the moving process!

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