2021’s Hottest Wood Flooring Trends

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There’s nothing more classic than wood flooring. From hardwood all the way to laminate and vinyl faux wood, there are countless ways to make your home look stylish and fresh with one of 2021’s wood flooring trends. As flooring technology improves, wood flooring manufacturers have increased the options they offer when it comes to materials, affordability and style. Here are some of the 2021 wood flooring trends you can expect to see in the Santa Cruz, CA area and beyond.

Engineered wood

Engineered hardwood flooring consists of a thin veneer of true hardwood over more resilient, manufactured materials like fiberboard or plywood. Engineered wood planks are extremely durable and can be used in all areas of the home. They’re also ready to go straight out of the box, since they don’t require refinishing like some forms of traditional wood flooring, and are super easy to install.

Wide planks and patterns

Whatever variety of wood you choose for your home, the way you decide to present it can make a huge impact. Some 2021 wood flooring trends have more to do with the cut and arrangement of the wood than the material itself. Wide planks will continue to be popular in 2021, as will designs like herringbone floors or chevron patterned floors. No matter the color or variety of wood, herringbone and chevron patterns offer a supremely luxurious look to any room.

Whitewashed, gray and greige floors

Color also makes a major impact on the look of your wood floors. 2021 is going to see a lot of light and cool colored wood flooring. When deciding on the color of your wood flooring, there are a number of things to consider. The kind of wood affects the color you can expect from your flooring, as does how you to choose to treat it. Paler, beachy whitewashed wood floors will be very popular in 2021, as will all manner of gray-colored wood flooring. Whitewashed flooring can be found in many kitchens and farmhouse style designs. European white oak is an increasingly popular material, since it has cooler, grayer undertones than other kinds of wood.

Unique textures and finishes

There are countless trendy ways to customize your Santa Cruz, CA wood floors in 2021. Popular textures include unique, weathered looks that give a lot of character, like hand scraping, wire brushing and distressed wood floors. These varieties expose more of the wood’s grain, which can highlight what makes your wood unique and provide a rustic, expensive look.

Satin finishes will continue to be trendy through 2021, and you may notice more matte finishes as well. Matte finishes can look somewhat dull on low-quality flooring, but matte is a great option for high-end wood varieties.

A unique finish you may notice more of in 2021 is fumed or smoked wood. This method of finish exposes wood to ammonia gas, which reacts with the wood to cause a darker finish with gray undertones. A smoked or fumed finish creates a rich but subdued color for sleek, modern flooring with a vintage vibe.

Invest in new wood flooring today

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