Check Out the Latest Trends in Tile Flooring in 2021

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Whether you’re remodeling a bathroom, kitchen or other space in your house, you’re probably considering how to improve the flooring. You have plenty of options out there, from more unique options to the tried and true, from carpet or hardwood to laminate. Tile flooring has become a common choice for homeowners due to its enduring appearance and long-lasting nature.

If you want to install tile flooring in Santa Cruz, CA in 2021, talk to the experts at The Wholesale House. We offer competitive pricing and can help facilitate fast installation so you and your family can begin enjoying your new space. Let’s look at the latest trends in tile flooring that will add value to your home.

Benefits of tile flooring

Homeowners consistently choose tile flooring for its classic look, which fits in with many styles, along with more practical considerations like its unbeatable durability. Glazed tile is also naturally waterproof, meaning it’s impervious to stains and water damage. This makes tile an excellent choice for kitchens, bathrooms, mudrooms or anyplace else you expect will get wet.

Beyond this, it’s also an eco-friendly choice, as tile is often made from recycled materials. This flooring also retains heat in the winter and helps keep your home warmer, potentially saving you money on energy bills.

For all these reasons, tile is a good choice if you want a long-term return on your investment. It’s easy to clean, comes in a variety of styles and will last for years to come. If you choose tile flooring, you can rest assured it will maintain or increase your home’s value.

Current trends in tile flooring

Here are the styles in tile flooring that many homeowners are favoring this year:

  • DIY tile: More and more homeowners are choosing to do the work themselves, so manufacturers have responded with tile flooring that’s far easier to install. While this work still isn’t for the faint of heart, you may want to give it a try.
  • Designer tile: In the past, square tiles were the most common choice, but nowadays homeowners are choosing tile in a wide range of shapes, from fan tiles to hexagons and more.
  • Marble-look tile: Marble is a wonderful luxury choice for flooring, but comes at a very high price. That’s where tile flooring comes in—get the look of marble without the sticker shock!
  • Decorative tile: There’s a wide range of patterns and colors to choose from, so you can customize your tile flooring to your home.

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