6 Advantages of Using Eco-Friendly Floors

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Now more than ever, homeowners are doing what they can to protect the environment and live a more sustainable lifestyle. Part of that commitment means investing in eco-friendly products for the home, including flooring.

Bamboo flooring, sisal flooring and many other sustainable options beautify your home while supporting a cleaner and healthier living environment.

Here are six of the main advantages of using eco-friendly floors in your home.

Better for your health

One of the primary advantages of eco-friendly flooring is that it’s better for the health of you and your family. Sustainable flooring materials are free from all volatile organic compounds (VOCs). These gases are commonly found in vinyl and carpeting, and they’re released as the material ages, potentially causing respiratory problems, headaches and other health concerns.

Eco-friendly flooring is produced with no toxic chemicals which is particularly important if you have allergy sufferers, small children or pets in the home. This is also better for the environment since it reduces reliance on environmentally-polluting energy sources and chemicals. Choosing eco-friendly flooring is a great way to protect the environment and keep it clean.

Renewable resources

Sustainable flooring materials are typically made from recycled resources, reducing the amount of waste that goes to the landfill. While there’s no shortage of trees that can be harvested to create natural hardwood floors, it takes decades to replace a single mature tree. Options like cork or bamboo reduce overall demand for nonrenewable materials. Cork trees can be harvested again and again, while other options like bamboo grow rapidly, and the plant isn’t killed during harvest, making it a renewable resource.

Plenty of options

When you prioritize sustainability in your flooring choices, you’ll soon find you have almost endless options when it comes to materials. While cork and bamboo are the most common, you can even find sustainable wool carpeting, glass tiles, concrete flooring, reclaimed hardwood and even leather flooring.

Timeless appeal

The trend toward sustainability is not going away anytime soon, which means choosing an environmentally-friendly flooring option will always be on trend. No matter what color or texture you’re looking for in your flooring, you’ll be able to find an option that reflects your tastes and adds beauty to any space.


You want your investment in flooring to last, and eco-friendly materials provide exceptional durability compared to traditional flooring options like hardwood and carpet. Many sustainable products undergo stringent quality checks to ensure durability for everyday use.


When you’re investing in new flooring, the overall cost you’ll pay includes both materials and installation. Luckily, eco-friendly flooring materials are often more cost-effective than less sustainable options. Bamboo flooring, in particular, features both warmth and character, but it also costs much less than traditional hardwoods while delivering many of the same benefits.

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