Trending Hardwood & Bamboo Flooring Ideas

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The trends in flooring change all the time. Trying to keep up with them is possible, but it can prove very challenging at times. The Wholesale House has you covered for anything that you could possibly need in terms of your flooring. We can show you what some of the current flooring trends are and why you might want to explore them today. 

Rigid Core Bamboo Flooring

Some homeowners are looking at bamboo and hardwood flooring in general as potential go-to options for their homes. These materials have a sleek look and feel that is hard to match with other materials. On top of that, rigid core bamboo flooring has the look of being expensive while actually being somewhat budget-friendly. You can think of it as a step up from carpeting, but not as expensive as marble flooring and the like. Thus, many people are now springing for this kind of flooring as a nice compromise between the various types that they might have otherwise opted for. 

Water Resistant Flooring

Another type of flooring that is gaining a lot of traction with the public as of late is any type of water-resistant flooring. This option is great because it means that spills and accidents are quickly and easily cleaned up without all of the fuss. You can just take a mop and get it all fixed in no time. Even better, the floors will last much longer than those that do not have this feature because they don’t sustain damage the way that other floors do. That is to say that you can spill things on these floors and not suffer the consequences because the mess will largely just bounce right off of them. It is hardly any wonder that people are clamoring for this type of flooring today. 

Decorative Flooring

Right now, natural-looking floors are all the rage. However, you can choose to take a risk if you want to and put some decorative floors in place where you are living. Doing so shows that you have a sense of style that others simply do not have. Yes, you are taking a big risk by laying this type of flooring out, but it may work out well for you if you happen to select something that matches up with the overall design and feel of your house. Choose your decorative flooring based on the way that your home is designed, and make sure you match it up with the colors of the walls and furniture that you already have. 

Make sure you take your time selecting precisely what you want for your home because it is far too costly to do it all over again. Here at The Wholesale House, we are happy to work with you to make sure you get exactly what you want right from the start. We take our time getting to know your home and what it needs from a flooring perspective. Flooring is all we do, so you can trust that we will take good care of your home for you!

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