Best Flooring Options for Senior Dogs

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If you are a pet parent, flooring matters. You need flooring that can stand up to the stress your animals put on the flooring, but you also want flooring that does not put stress on them. Let’s take a quick look at flooring options that work best for senior dogs.

Why Does Flooring Matter?

Flooring matters for your dogs because the dogs spend a lot of time on the floor. This may be where they sleep, and it is definitely where they spend most of their time. Floors can pose a risk to dogs, especially as the animal grows older. Senior dogs can get injured from falling or sliding on inappropriate flooring.

Cork Flooring

Cork is a great flooring option for dog owners. Not only is it a practical choice as your animal ages, but it is also stylish. Cork flooring looks similar to hardwood, so you can make it work for pretty much any interior design plan.

Cork also has antimicrobial properties. This means that if your dog has an accident, which becomes more frequent for senior dogs, there is less chance that bacterial mold will grow. Although it is always important to clean up messes as soon as they happen, bacteria can get trapped in flooring. This could later turn into growth of mold or bacteria you don’t want in your home. Cork cuts down on the chances of this happening.

Cork is also soft. If your animal is a little rambunctious and likes to run inside, the chances of injuries are greater if you have a hard floor material. Softer floors also mean a quieter house. We all know the sound of paws on flooring. Cork cuts down on these sometimes annoying sounds.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl is also a pet-friendly flooring option. In addition to being a good choice for pets, vinyl is also a good choice for your budget as it is often an inexpensive flooring option. Vinyl is also easily a DIY project. This type of flooring stays really cool in the summer making it easy for your dog to cool down. But it also retains heat in the winter making for cozy winter naps.

Bamboo Flooring 

If style is important to your home décor, bamboo is a great option that will allow you to accommodate your pup while also keeping up a chic design in your home. Bamboo is very durable which can be important when paws are constantly in contact. Bamboo also warms nicely in the winter helping your dog stay cozy. Bamboo flooring installation is not quite as simple as vinyl, though. If you are considering bamboo flooring you should speak with a flooring professional for installation information. 

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