5 Ways To Incorporate Tile Into Your Home Décor in 2022

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When you want a fresh look that’s unique and colorful, incorporating tiles into your home design is a great way to do it subtly and effectively. You can use ceramic tiles to add a hint of color to the floor or the walls in almost any room. For innovative tips beyond adding tile flooring or tile walls, read the article below.

1. Place tiles on stair risers to step up your home design

Usually, the stairs are a place that gets overlooked in home design. A rug, carpeting, or bare wood may work for a functional home design, but if you want to make your stairs more attractive and exciting, adding decorative tiles to the risers of the stairs might be your best bet. 

When looking for tiles to use in between steps, try going for ceramic tiles that tie into your home’s color palette.

2. Switch up your laundry day look by adding tiles to the laundry room

If you want to make laundry day cheerful, add brightly colored tiles to the walls to lift your spirits every time you’re loading clothes into the washer, removing them from the dryer, or folding them. If you prefer a more luxurious look in your home, treat yourself to marble ones.

Tile is also a very practical choice for laundry room walls since it is easy to clean. 

3. Add tiles to the kitchen island to freshen up your cooking space

When people think of tiles in home decor, they usually think of tile flooring or tile walls. But tiles aren’t just for placing on the walls, floor, or even stair risers. You can also add tiles to freestanding features in a room, such as a kitchen island. 

Sometimes, adding colorful tiles to the wall might feel like it’s too much color for one room. Using tiles on the kitchen island can help you see if you like a certain shade for the kitchen. You can also use marble tiles to make your kitchen feel like a luxurious space to cook fine meals.

4. Use a tile accent wall in the living room

While most people probably think of the bathroom or kitchen as the perfect setting for a tile wall, the living room is not off-limits for exploring how tiles can transform its appearance. 

If you are creating a tile accent wall, you’ll just want to be careful to use mold-repelling, fire-resisting tiles. As tatlerasia.com points out, this is particularly important when you plan on putting electrical appliances close to the accent wall.

5. Frame the bathroom mirror with tiles

As tatlerasia.com explains, placing mosaic tiles close to your bathroom mirror will frame it in an interesting way. Since bathrooms tend to be small areas, you don’t want to add too many decorative elements, or else it might feel cluttered. Framing the mirror in tiles will subtly elevate the space from a decorative standpoint without overdoing it.

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