What Is Green Flooring, and How Can You Make an Educated Eco Friendly Flooring Choice?

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The Wholesale House offers many flooring options that are environmentally friendly and attractive. If you have tried to make environmentally friendly choices where you can as you update or build your home then you already know that you can often find "green" options for nearly everything. But what does it mean when a flooring brand claims to have a green option?

What Is Green Flooring?

Green flooring is flooring that comes from sustainable resources and that can be reused or easily recycled. There are other components to consider with green flooring though. For example, if you choose an easy-to-recycle suitable option that must be freighted across long distances are you really making an environmentally friendly choice? Do not stress it too much, but also consider all the elements of a green product including the distance traveled to get to your location and production methods if you truly want to make the most sustainable choice. 

What Are Some Perks of Green Flooring?

Often, green options are attractive and long-lasting. Most green flooring options will be plant-based, such as bamboo, cork, and wood. This makes for many style options, beauty, and a great feel beneath your feet. 

Knowing that you are making environmentally responsible choices can give you peace of mind as you enjoy your beautiful home. You can also generally trust that green flooring is safer to breathe around and coexist with because more often than not it is all-natural.

Keep in mind that deciding to go "green" for your flooring is not limiting at all in most cases — beautiful stone and various high-end wood options are all considered green and sustainable if they are manufactured correctly. Bamboo flooring is on top of many trend lists at the moment, and it is also the ultimate in green eco-friendly material choices because it grows back so quickly, is lightweight for traveling, and does not need too much production to get to the final product. 

Even those who enjoy the soft feel of carpet have wool and sisal flooring options that offer much of the warmth and coziness of carpet without all the off-gassing and other downsides of some curtains. 

Contact The Wholesale House to discuss bamboo flooring and other green flooring options. Our variety of quality flooring will look amazing in your home, and you will find our green options to be of the same great quality as all of our inventory. 


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