5 Care Tips To Make Your Carpet Last Longer

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5 Care Tips To Make Your Carpet Last Longer

Carpeting is an important part of any home’s decor. But, if it isn’t properly cared for, it can quickly wear out and lead to costly replacements. Fortunately, there are some steps you can take to make your carpet last longer and keep it looking great for years to come. We’ve listed at least 5 of them in this informative blog.

1. Vacuum Regularly

One of the most effective ways to make your carpet last longer is to vacuum regularly. Vacuuming helps to keep your carpets clean and healthy by removing dirt, dust, grit, and other debris that can wreak havoc on your carpet fibers. You’ll want to vacuum a few times a week, especially in high-traffic areas. These areas tend to be the areas that get tracked the most, and this causes particulate soils to become abrasive and cause wear to your carpet fibers. Use slow, repetitive, overlapping strokes when vacuuming to help prevent loose dirt from getting stuck in the fibers. This will prevent your carpet from becoming matted and thinning out.

2. Have A No-Shoe Rule

As a homeowner, you work hard to keep your home tidy, free of germs, and sparkling clean for everyone to enjoy. But you also draw a line when it comes to footwear: No shoes inside the house! A no-shoes rule can help you extend the life of your carpet and keep it beautiful. It also helps keep your floors clean by reducing the amount of dirt, debris, bird and dog poop, dust, and other substances that are brought in through your doors. The soil from your shoes and other outside elements sifts down into the carpet and grinds away at its fibers over time. This wears out the carpet, making it look and feel older than it really is.

3. Rearrange Your Furniture

Rearranging your furniture is a great way to get a new look for your home. It’s a free and easy fix that can breathe fresh life into a room. Rearrangement also helps your carpet and rugs last longer by avoiding uneven wear, footpaths and tracking. Moving heavy pieces alters traffic patterns so that they don’t cause excessive compression of carpet and rug fibers. Rearranging your furniture can also help improve indoor air quality. When furniture stays in the same place for a long time, dust and dirt accumulate underneath it, which can affect your family’s health.

4. Keep Area Rugs In High-Traffic Areas

Keeping your area rugs in high-traffic areas is one of the best ways to make carpet last longer. Area rugs act like a floor protector, taking the brunt of all of the traffic in a room. They also keep your floors clean and looking their best. In addition to protecting your floors, they’ll help tie a room together and give it character and style. When choosing an area rug, consider the material. Polypropylene is a great choice for high-traffic rugs because it’s durable, soft, and easy to clean. Nylon and wool are other good choices for high-traffic rugs. They’re a bit more expensive, but they are durable and last longer. They’re especially important in kitchens and other areas that get a lot of traffic.

5. Have Your Carpets Cleaned Regularly

Cleaning your carpets on a regular basis is one of the best ways to keep them clean and looking good. This is particularly important if you have children or pets in the house, as pet hair and dander can clog your carpets and leave them unattractive and uncomfortable to walk on. Another great reason to have your carpets cleaned regularly is that they can help improve the air quality in your home or business. Dirty carpets are a perfect environment for allergens to thrive and spread through the air, which can lead to respiratory issues in people with allergies or asthma. Also, high-traffic areas of your carpet will deteriorate more quickly because the particulate soils that are tracked on them every day are abrasive to the carpet fibers. Having these areas cleaned regularly will slow the deterioration of your carpet and make it last longer.

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