Best Flooring Options For High Traffic Areas

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Best Flooring Options For High Traffic Areas

If you have areas of your home that are prone to lots of foot traffic, it’s important to choose flooring that will last.


There is no denying that high traffic areas, like entryways, lobbies, hallways, bathrooms and kitchens, are some of the busiest spaces in the home. This means that the flooring in these spaces needs to be highly durable, resistant and easy to maintain. Hardwood is an excellent choice for these areas. It is a versatile and long-lasting option that looks good and stands up to heavy foot traffic, kids’ toys and pet paws. The type of hardwood you choose can make a huge difference in how your floor looks. For example, Oak has an eye-catching, varied grain that adds a bold and striking style to your space. Maple is another excellent option for these areas. It is one of the harder hardwoods that rank above 1,300 on the Janka scale, which makes it more durable than softer species.


One of the most durable flooring options is tile, especially glazed porcelain. This type of flooring is ideal for any area that sees heavy traffic. It also offers an attractive, low-maintenance option that is resistant to water and staining. It is available in a wide variety of prints and colors to make it an excellent choice for a variety of environments. Besides being highly durable, porcelain tiles are also extremely easy to clean. They can be vacuumed regularly, and spills will be easily cleaned up without staining your floors.

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Whether you’re updating your kitchen, bathroom, or any other area, luxury vinyl flooring is one of the best options for high traffic areas. It offers a variety of colors and designs, is easy to install, and withstands wear, stains, and discoloration from sunlight, water, and other elements. There are several different types of luxury vinyl flooring that work well for high traffic areas, including luxury vinyl plank (LVP) and luxury vinyl tile (LVT). LVP and LVT look like wood or stone floors in different textures and styles. They are made up of multiple layers of material, usually six to eight. Each layer adds strength and durability to the flooring. Additionally, luxury vinyl floor coverings have a clear top coat to add shine and a protective wear layer, a design or photo layer with the printed image, a cushion layer of foam or felt engineered to make the flooring comfortable to walk on and a fiberglass backing layer to support the layers above it. They also have a rigid core that makes them sturdy and stable.


Carpeting is one of the best options for high traffic areas, as it holds its shape and stands up to stains, dirt, oil, and moisture. This type of flooring is also incredibly affordable and can last for many years without needing to be replaced. The most popular carpets for high traffic areas are made from durable fibers such as nylon and wool. These materials are also softer than other types of carpet and work well in a living room or office. Another durable fiber option for high traffic areas is polypropylene, a synthetic fiber often called olefin. This type of carpet is a popular choice for commercial settings as it is extremely stain resistant and moisture resistant, making it easy to clean.

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